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What Do You Think of Ottawa's Chateau Laurier Expansion Plan?

Ottawa, Canada's national capital, is as calm as it is beautiful...until someone tries to mess with the Chateau Laurier, one of its most iconic, historical buildings. The 660,000 square foot French Gothic building was built over three years starting in 1909. 

Situated downtown and adjacent to Canada's Parliament Buildings, the new expansion plans for the hotel revealed a modern addition completely at odds (architecturally) with the original design. Many Ottawa residents, business owners and community leaders are upset by the design. 

Ottawa is one of Canada's most over-looked cities from a tourism perspective. It is beautiful, scenic and home to over one million people. It is one of the most educated cities in the world and many top technology companies have their headquarters in the area due to the highly-skilled population.

While Ottawa is an exciting modern city, it loves its historical roots, including the impressive Chateau Laurier. Let us know what you think about the proposed re-design and expansion.

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