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Victoria BC Wins Award for Bike Lane Initiative

In the past, we have written about the amazing networks of pedestrian and cycling paths in Canadian cities like Calgary, Alberta.  Now, the island city of Victoria, British Columbia has been recognized by the province for its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions via a downtown bike lane network.  The project, dubbed the “All Ages and Abilities” bike network will grow to over 32 kilometres (20 miles) in Victoria’s downtown when it is completed.  The City estimated that over 530,000 bike trips were taken on the paths in the first fourteen months of operation.

Victoria is the capital city of Canada’s west coast province of British Columbia.  Located on Vancouver Island, the city mixes both First Nations and European settler history with a relaxed, funky vibe in a truly remarkable natural environment.  Home to over 85,000 people, and with a Greater Victoria region population of over 360,000 people, it is the largest city on Vancouver Island.

A popular tourist destination for both Canadians and foreigners alike, Victoria is a great choice for anyone who loves outdoor recreation, great food (especially seafood!) and the most temperate climate in Canada.


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