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Toronto Raptors Win NBA Basketball Championship

Toronto Raptors won the National Basketball Association (NBA) championship this past week, beating the California-based Golden State Warriors in six games. The championship was the first for Toronto and first for any Canadian team in the U.S.-based professional basketball league.

In the spirit of Canada's commitment to multiculturalism and diversity, the team has players from Canada, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Lithuania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its general manager is from Nigeria.

Toronto, Canada's largest city and the fourth largest city in North America, is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  An estimated fifty percent of Toronto's population was not born in Canada. While ice hockey remains the most popular sport in Canada, Toronto has not won that professional championship since the 1960s.  The last major sports championship Toronto celebrated was the Toronto Blue Jays winning baseball's World Series in 1993. Basketball is a much more international sport than hockey so Toronto's very global population had a lot to celebrate.  Congratulations Raptors!


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