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Salmon Rescue: A Good News Story to End a Tough Year in British Columbia

After a year of pandemic, wildfires and flooding, Canada's beautiful, westernmost province needs some uplifting news. Here is a great story from the Business in Vancouver website. Community members from the Sto:lo and Sumas First Nations, and environmentalists from the Pacific Salmon Foundation, rescued coho salmon that had been stranded in farmers' fields following the devastating flooding that covered much of British Columbia's Lower Mainland region and lower Fraser Valley.

Many of the rescued salmon were female with thousands of eggs. The continued success of the salmon runs in the region are dependent on as many of these fish as possible laying eggs over the next few weeks. The salmon were transported to the Sumas River which is part of their traditional spawning route. The flooding deposited fish in strange places but it also damaged salmon runs and habitat so every fish counts when it comes to preserving the species. The article also mentioned that other fish, including ancient sturgeon (a sport fishing favorite in the region due to their enormous size) were also displaced by flood waters.

One of the best ways to support British Columbians who have been hit with so many challenges this year is to take a vacation in the province. It has a great mix of cosmopolitan arts, culture and dining (Vancouver and Victoria, for example), world-class mountain resorts towns (Whistler and Squamish) and scenic, rural landscapes (Armstrong, Quesnel, Hazelton) with great hiking, cycling, fishing and camping.

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