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Okanagan B.C. Out of Reach? Live the Dream in Lillooet

Anyone who knows beautiful British Columbia knows about the Okanagan – an oasis of sun and fun in the southern part of Canada’s westernmost province.  The region is halfway between the Pacific coast and the Alberta border, extending northward from the Canada/United States border for about 200 kilometres (124 miles). 

The Okanagan is unlike the Canada most people know. In the south Okanagan, winters are mild and short and summers are long and hot, regularly reaching 35°C (95°F) or higher.  This is Canada’s desert, but it is chock full of lakes, forests and mountains.  It is also British Columbia’s fruit belt and wine region with some of the best vineyards in Canada, side by side with amazing orchards and farms.  With so much to offer, the Okanagan is an attractive, albeit expensive, place to live.

People with more modest budgets looking for this lifestyle are discovering Lillooet. British Columbia’s other hotspot also offers rivers, lakes, mountains, forests and endless adventure. Recently described as “Little Okanagan,” Lillooet offers affordable real estate, long hot summers and mild winters with virtually no snow (except on the mountain peaks).  It even has a burgeoning and award-winning wine industry, complete with wine tasting and dining.

Lillooet attracts many tourists through the summer but the small regional population (about 5,000) ensures it is not as busy and crowded as other tourism destinations in southern British Columbia.  With a number of hotels, vacation rentals and campgrounds, Lillooet is a great place to stay and explore.

Located only three hours from Vancouver and three hours from the Okanagan, Lillooet is British Columbia’s best kept secret.

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