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New Study Concludes: Canadians Are A Happy People

Sixty-seven per cent of Canadians report being very happy, generally speaking, and 68 per cent are very satisfied with their lives, according to a recent, nationwide Gandalf Group survey conducted for The Globe and Mail. In contrast, the survey found that just five per cent of Canadians say they are very unhappy. According to national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, the online survey of nearly 2,500 adults looked at Canadians’ overall happiness and the level of satisfaction with specific aspects of their personal, family, social, work, and financial lives. The margin of error for a probability sample of this size would be plus or minus 2 per cent, 19 times out of 20, according to the Gandalf Group. The sample of Canadians was weighted to reflect the country’s gender, age, and regional distribution.

According to the survey, the most powerful overall determinants of happiness and satisfaction with life for Canadians are mental health and having a sense of purpose. Family life is more likely to be a source of happiness than a source of stress. More Canadians feel good about their family relationships than those who are satisfied with their lives in general – especially parents with children and those in relationships. Canadians feel mostly positively about their mental health (67 per cent are very satisfied) and their sense of purpose in life (62 per cent).

In a world in turmoil, it it reassuring to see that Canadians are focusing on the important things in their lives, such as health, family and purposeful living.

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