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Merry Christmas from Best Place in Canada

To all our readers who celebrate Christmas, we wish you a very happy and joy-filled holiday season. Christmas is a time for family and friends, for giving and remembering those less fortunate than ourselves. As we continue to deal with the public health crises and subsequent social and economic crises created by ill-informed government responses, we must not forget the importance of family, friends and community.

Christmas is about coming together to celebrate our humanity, regardless of different beliefs and choices. Living in a country in which those differences are respected and protected cannot be taken for granted. This holiday season, we ask all Canadians to remember that one of the greatest gifts we can give each other is a commitment to freedom and a just society. We have had it easy in Canada, relative to many places in the world, for a long time. It is easy to forget how fragile democracy is and how quickly choices, like celebrating Christmas, other holidays or religious celebrations can be taken away.

Christmas reminds us of the strength of family and the importance of friendship and community. That is an important message regardless of religious or spiritual belief. Even if Christmas is not your thing, please enjoy time with your family and friends. Support the local businesses in your community and remember that we are still the kind, caring and tolerant Canadians we were two years earlier.

Merry Christmas!

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