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Lillooet Champions Passenger Train Service from Vancouver to Prince George

Lillooet, British Columbia – Canada’s hot spot and picturesque community surrounded by mountains – continues to advocate for environmentally-friendly and affordable passenger train service for Lillooet and other communities between the cities of Vancouver and Prince George.  The community is becoming a favourite for people seeking affordable real estate with arguably the best climate in Canada. 

As Lillooet grows, the local government wants the province to take action on better transportation options not only for Lillooet but for many communities between Vancouver to the south and Prince George to the north. 

Resurrecting passenger services on existing lines used for freight only will connect a large number of smaller communities, including Lillooet, and give residents a cost-effective travel option other than cars and trucks.  Many of these communities have limited or no bus service and train travel could bring greater business and tourism opportunities.

The drive between Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia and Prince George, the commercial centre of northern British Columbia is 750 kilometres (466 miles).   Lillooet is about one third of the way along the proposed rail route from south to north.  In addition to the potential economic, environmental and social benefits of passenger rail travel, the journey would offer some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada.


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