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Highway Thru Hell Episode Features Stunning Terrain Around Lillooet

The popular Discover Channel program Highway Thru Hell recently filmed an episode on the rugged and sometimes treacherous roads around Lillooet, British Columbia.  The TV program, which features the exploits and expertise of a heavy tow-truck crew under extreme conditions, filmed its first episode ever in this part of British Columbia as part of its ninth season.

While the roads to and from Lillooet can be challenging to say the least, they are also some of the most scenic and awe-inspiring drives in Canada. And if you are thinking that winter must be brutal in this mountainous area of Canada’s westernmost province, think again.  The mountains can get heavy snowfalls but in general, winter in this area is shorter and warmer than most of Canada.  It is not surprising that the region vies for the title of Canada’s “hot spot” in the summer, with temperatures regularly surpassing 40C (104F).  Check out our community profile of Lillooet.

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