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Happy Canada Day!

Today, Canada celebrates its 153rd birthday. While 2020 has been a challenging year in Canada and around the world, I still feel blessed to live here. 

Canada remains one of the safest, friendliest and most tolerant countries in the world. Our rights and freedoms remain strong at a time when authoritarianism seems on the rise. It helps that our population is one of the most educated in the world and our social safety net strives to protect the most vulnerable in our society. 

We don't always get everything right and we have plenty of room for improvement, but we know that this is the case and we try to address it.  We celebrate our strong roots even as we evolve as a nation. We celebrate our three magnificent ocean coasts, our Rocky Mountains, our Great Lakes, our endless Prairies and our wildly wonderful forests. We celebrate our charming small towns and cosmopolitan cities.  We celebrate our artists, our scientists, our teachers and, especially during the pandemic, our medical professionals and first responders. We celebrate everyone who makes a positive contribution to our country, regardless of background and belief system.

Today is a great day to reflect on what we love about being Canadian.

Happy Birthday Canada.  Stay Strong! Stay Free! Stay Safe!

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