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Happy 2022 from Best Place in Canada

Happy New Year from our team to you! We have a feeling many people will be saying goodbye to 2021 with a sign of relief. And contrary to what the mainstream news or politicians may be telling you, we can make 2022 as good as we decide it should be. Canadians and Canadian communities have the opportunity to create strong, local economies that are more resilient and less susceptible to global social and economic shocks. There is no time like the present and what a great New Year resolution that would be!

This year, we can build on all the attributes that make Canadian cities and towns the envy of the world: friendliness, safety, arts and culture, innovation, nature and freedom. From coast to coast to coast, Canadian communities have so much to offer to entrepreneurs, tourists and people from other countries looking for a new place to call home. Whether you want to live in or visit one of the most internationally-diverse and populous cities in North America (Toronto), one of the best ski resort towns in the world (Whistler), or a Victorian-era village along the Rideau Canal World Heritage site (Merrickville-Wolford), Canada has something for everyone.


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