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Experience Canada Through Movies

Perhaps you have not been to Canada but you have likely seen its stunning, diverse landscapes and character-filled cities in some of the biggest movies and TV shows. Canada is a great place to film movies and television shows because the costs are lower, the film industry labor force is exceptional and the choice of settings is fabulous.

On the big screen alone, many of the Twilight movie scenes were filmed in Vancouver, British ColumbiaCool Runnings featured the Jamaican bobsled team in the 1988 Olympics so it made sense to film much of the movie in Calgary, Alberta.  Canada’s largest city, Toronto, has been featured in numerous films including The Day After Tomorrow and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  The European flair of found in the French-speaking province of Quebec was a great substitute for France in Catch Me If You Can.  Both Montreal and the City of Quebec were featured in this Tom Hanks/Leonardo DiCaprio hit.

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