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Cannabis Use is Now Legal in Canada

Today, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize the possession and use of recreational cannabis. Now, Canadians can order and pay for cannabis products online and have them shipped directly to their homes, or they can shop in privately-run or government-owned shops, depending on the province or territory in which they live. 

There are an estimated 120 licensed cannabis producers in the country, according to Health Canada.  Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, and Canada’s relaxed, west coast province of British Columbia have the most cannabis producers.   Both southern Ontario and southern British Columbia have horticultural conditions that support cannabis production.  In most parts of the country, Canadian adults can possess four marijuana plants per household for recreational use.  The exceptions are the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba.

Legal cannabis use in Canada is not an overnight decision.  It has been years in the making and medical marijuana use in Canada has been legal for almost two decades; however, the patchwork of government policy and resistance by the medical community has made it challenging at times for people who could legitimately benefit from the medicinal effects of cannabis.

Find out more about the cannabis laws in Canada here.

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