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Canada Wins Banknote of the Year with Viola Desmond $10 Bill


The International Bank Note Society (IBNS) announces that its voting membership has selected the Bank of Canada to receive its prestigious “Bank Note of the Year Award” for 2018.

With over 150 new banknotes released worldwide during 2018, only 10% were of sufficiently new design to be nominated. Canada's new polymer $10 bill features the portrait of social justice icon Viola Desmond while the back depicts the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Desmond fought for racial equality across Canada and is the first Canadian woman to appear on a bank note (other women have all been British royals).
According to the IBNS, Canada’s new vertically oriented (Canada's first) $10 bill dominated the voting from the start, followed by Switzerland (200 Franc human hands), Norway (500 Kroner sailing ship), Russia (100 Ruble soccer) and the Solomon Islands (40 Dollar man blowing conch shell) banknotes. This is the fifth consecutive polymer containing note to win the coveted IBNS Bank Note of the Year Award.
Like most countries, Canada can do better when it comes to human rights and racial tolerance. If you ask most Canadians, however, if they feel safe and accepted in this country, they will tell you "yes" regardless of their heritage, religious beliefs or color of their skin.  Honoring Viola Desmond for her courage and leadership may be a symbolic gesture now but it is a strong reminder that Canada is a country of indigenous peoples and immigrants who all came from somewhere else if you go back far enough in time.  We must acknowledge the contributions of Inuit, First Nations, Metis, African, European, Asian, South American and other peoples who have come to Canada have made.  It is what makes us great.

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