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Canada and Sweden Ranked Most Reputable Countries in the World

If you want to live and conduct business in a country with an impressive global reputation, Canada is still a destination of choice.  Based on the annual survey by The Reputation Institute (RI), a reputation-management consulting firm based in Boston that launched in 1997, Canada ranked second this year, down from its world leading position in 2015. Sweden ranked number one, a mere half point ahead of Canada.

RI offers corporate clients strategies and insights into how they might gauge and improve their reputation among customers in various markets around the globe.  According to a recent article in, RI’s ranking system is based on online surveys of 48,000 business people within G8 countries compiled this spring on 16 attributes, such as: is a country a safe place to visit? Is it beautiful? Is it friendly and welcoming to residents? Does it have progressive social and economic policies? Is it run by an effective government?  In the case of Canada, the answer to these and many other flattering questions is an overwhelming YES!

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