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Brandon Looks Great in Conference Board Assessment of Canada’s Mid-Sized Cities

The Conference Board of Canada confirms that the City of Brandon’s diversified economy is expected to deliver solid economic growth in 2017 thanks to widespread gains across most sectors. 

According to the Conference Board, real GDP is expected to grow by 2.3% in 2017 supported by increased exports from manufacturing and agri-foods sectors.  The construction sector is expected to continue the annual growth trend experienced the previous four years.  Commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction will remain solid as well. New housing starts are projected to hit 303 in 2017.

As the province of Manitoba’s second largest city, Brandon’s service sector is projected to expand an average 1.9% through 2017 and employment is projected to climb, with the unemployment rate remaining below the provincial and national averages.  More information on this Conference Board report can be found here.

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