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Amazon Builds Its Technology Workforce in Vancouver

Online retail giant Amazon continues its love affair with Canada’s west coast, announcing a planned expansion of its Vancouver, British Columbia technology hub.  The expansion will bring an estimated 3,000 new e-commerce technology, cloud computing and machine learning jobs to the province. 

According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who attended the announcement at the downtown Vancouver location, "Canadians share your passion for invention and your commitment to excellence, and that's why we are excited to see Amazon grow here in Vancouver."

Jesse Dougherty, Amazon’s General Manager of Web Services stated, “We chose to build and grow in Canada because we recognize the diverse and exceptionally talented workforce here.  "As a homegrown British Columbian and a software engineer, I am so proud of living and working in a city that is recognized worldwide as a first-rate global tech hub.”

Vancouver is already home to 1,000 Amazon employees and the company has a total Canadian-based workforce of about 6,000. This could change drastically if Toronto, Ontario is chosen for Amazon’s second headquarters later this year.

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