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Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province.  It is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, approximately 20 minutes by air (and 90 minutes by ferry) to Vancouver, the province’s largest city on the mainland.

Often recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, Victoria possesses a temperate climate (described as “sub-Mediterranean) with mild winters and warm, sunny summers.  The city has a population of 83,000 people; however the Capital Region is home to over 350,000 residents. It is a health conscious, dynamic city with Pacific Ocean views, mountains and an abundance of parks and green spaces.

Fast Facts

  • Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada's westernmost province.
  • Victoria has one of the best year-round climates in Canada for those who prefer mild, warm weather.
  • Victoria is an island city, located at the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island.
  • Victoria possesses the most diversified economy on Vancouver Island.

Getting Down to Business

Victoria is the largest metropolitan area on Vancouver Island and possesses the most diversified economy among the Island cities.  Many small- and medium-sized businesses call Victoria home and the city has a high rate of self-employment.

The largest economic drivers are advanced technology, tourism, and marine science and technology.  Education is also a leading employer as Victoria is home to two universities.  As the centre of British Columbia's Capital Region, Victoria  has a large government workforce and a skilled labour pool in the professional and technical services occupations.  Additional opportunities exist in construction, retail, agriculture, and arts and culture industries.

Recreation and Outdoors

Victoria’s climate and natural setting inspires people to be outdoors: hiking, golfing, kayaking, gardening and cycling are common pursuits among the locals.  The city is a serious tourist destination as well, with an estimated 3.5 million visitors annually.

Victoria hosted the 1994 Commonwealth Games and is a favourite warm weather winter training destination for Canadian athletes.

The city sits at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and endless temperate rainforest that extends northwest up the coast on the "open ocean" side of Vancouver Island.  Tree lovers will find many immense specimens not too far from the city centre.

Arts, Culture and Social Scene

Victoria’s highly walkable downtown offers something for everyone.  A strong café culture and excellent restaurants abound, close to waterfront walkways and charming shops.

The city is also known for its heritage buildings…old by Canadian standards, as well as the Inner Harbour and Canada’s oldest Chinatown.

Locals and visitors alike enjoy half a dozen public markets featuring local artisan food and crafts, as well as fresh produce and entertainment. 

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