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Feature Your Business on Canada’s Premier Community Promotional Site gives you the competitive edge to grow your business. Ads on the relevant community pages reach a targeted audience of the regional residents, as well as people looking to travel to, move to, and invest in the region in which your business is located. Showcase your business on for 24/7 marketing and promotion.

Why is Superior to Similar Sites:

  1. currently receives around 500,000 page views annually and is rapidly growing.
  2. Other sites create a website and do nothing to promote it afterward which is comparable to placing an ad in a newspaper and then not distributing the papers at all—almost no one sees it. extensively promotes the site to drive traffic to your ad. Here are some of the ways we do so:
  • 24/7 promotion by our marketing, business development and economic development professionals;
  • We partner with an established social media influencer that has over 23,000 social media followers that we promote the site (and therefore your ad) to regularly;
  • We have marketing visibility that reaches over 5 million people daily through multiple sites; and
  • We send out information to our more than 10,000 person e-mail list every week to drive traffic to the site and generate even more traffic for our advertisers.
  1. You can indicate on your other promotional materials that your business is featured on as long as your ad runs on the site. This messaging immediately lets readers know the superior quality of your business and community.
  2. We conduct media campaigns that get the site featured in newspapers and other media.
  3. We update our content weekly—most sites don’t.

For Only $25/Month You Receive:

  • A 300 x 250 pixel full-colour ad on the relevant community page;
  • A direct link from your ad to your business website or social media page; and
  • Optional ad on the Home Page for $30/month+ GST to double your business exposure.

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