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Canada Has the Most Positive Influence on the World

A new Ipsos MORI poll of 18,000 respondents across 25 nations shows that an overwhelming majority (86%) of respondents agree that over the last year, the world became a more dangerous place.  The good news is that people around the world see Canada as having the most positive influence on the world stage.  The survey found the same result for the last two years.

According to the study, Canada is seen as setting the best example with 81% of respondents saying it has a positive influence on world affairs. Australia and Germany complete the top three.  In contrast, only 40% think the United States has a positive influence on the world stage. That's less than China at 49% and not far ahead of Russia at 35%.  The US ‘approval’ rating has dropped by 24 percentage points since last year's survey.

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